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October buffet

Almost a year ago there was the last issue of HabraFurchet, but I want to resume this short, but useful tradition of monthly exchanges of experience. Although the administration has made this blog closed, but this has not reduced the number of people who can share something useful!

If the topic of receptions is interesting to the community, then I ask to support me in the initiative of reviving this blog. I promise myself that I will help people every month to share their skills and not to forget about the small rules of this blog.

And now a little bit of theory:
Buffet is a very good way to get answers to questions that can only be learned from experts, the answers that are not found in Google. For specialists, this is a good opportunity to help those who are just starting in their field or just interested in it. Subject is not limited to IT.
The format is normal: a person who is an expert in a particular area leaves a comment of the first level , where he writes in bold type the area of ​​his specialization, he is asked questions in the comments of the second level. Brevity in the description of the specialty is the sister of talent. Here is a good example:
buffet table

Here is a list of interesting discussions for past buffets (the list of current ones will be lower in the morning):

Specialists in this topic:

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105344/

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