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What is consulting?

The word “consulting” has now become very fashionable and popular, but most of those who use it, can not answer the simple question: “What is consulting?”

Consulting (eng. Consulting - consulting) - a type of professional services (usually paid), provided to corporate clients interested in optimizing their business.

In the general case, consulting activities include analyzing the client’s business processes, justifying the prospects for the development and use of scientific, technical, organizational and economic innovations, taking into account the subject area and characteristics of the client’s business.

In simple terms, consulting is consulting on how to improve a customer’s business and earn more by spending less.
Consulting can be carried out in the following forms:

The most common types of consulting services :

Recently, this kind of consulting as IT consulting is gaining popularity. For those interested in this topic, read the article “ What is IT consulting from the point of view of firms providing such services? “You will understand a lot.

In conclusion, I will give a list of the 10 most prestigious consulting companies of recent years:
  1. McKinsey and Company
  2. Boston Consulting Group
  3. Bain and Company
  4. Booz Allen Hamilton
  5. Monitor group
  6. Mercer Management Consulting
  7. Mercer oliver wyman
  8. Mercer Human Resource Consulting
  9. The parthenon group
  10. Marakon Associates

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