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Why Google should buy Twitter immediately

Investor Dave McClury (Dave McClure) voiced yesterday what is clear as day for everyone except the good corporation: Google should buy Twitter, and the sooner the better.

We (businessinsider.com) urged Google to buy Twitter a year and a half ago, when it cost a lot less than it does now. But even now, such a purchase will be justified - Twitter is worth it and not only on its own, but because of its importance for Google’s future competitiveness in influencing human minds.

Why? It's simple:

* Facebook is becoming a serious threat to Google, and Twitter is the latest “social” company that Google should get, thus acquiring a chance to resist Tsuku. Facebook will soon become the largest site on the planet, and people are already spending more time on it than using Google. Facebook intends to become the center of people's communication, which ultimately will be able to oust Gmail ( Facebook + Skype alliance transparently hints).
* There is also the likelihood - while small - that Facebook will be able to develop its search service, thereby biting off some of the search revenue from Google. There is a chance that the search giant will one day face a social giant and give way. Google can not buy Facebook. Everything else in the "social" sphere is of no interest. Therefore, we must take Twitter.

* Apple also begins to try themselves in the field of social services. Of course, Apple’s attempts can be as useless as Google’s. And they may not be, and then all the trouble.

* Google accounts for $ 30 billion rotting on accounts - the company simply does not use this money. If tomorrow Google decided to transfer five billion to Twitter investors, the corporation’s shareholders might not have noticed.

* Twitter is quite self-sufficient at present. Do not have to finish anything, as it would be two years ago. And Google’s infrastructure and resources would clearly help Twitter to turn around even more.

* Google has so much money that it can easily buy the top 10 of the largest companies from the “Twitter ecosystem” for a pittance.

So how much will Twitter cost? Voiced by $ 5 billion. The guys did an excellent job to prove to everyone that they are not for sale. Probably it really is. Therefore, Google will need to make an offer that cannot be refused. We think 5 billion is just enough.

Will Google have enough eggs to do this?

Probably not.

One of the former high-ranking Google executives remarked that this corporation does not buy anything first, unless it is claimed by anyone else. So, they bought AdMob just because Apple announced its desire to do so.

In general, apparently, Google is not going to do anything until it is too late.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105333/

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