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Veni, Vidi, Verba Verti

The Google Translate team has announced the addition of Latin to the list of available languages ​​for translation. This is the first dead language in Google Translate.

This language will probably rarely be used to translate emails or subtitles on YouTube. However, many ancient books on philosophy, physics and mathematics were written in Latin. And thousands of books in Google Books contain entire passages in Latin.
Automatic translation from Latin is very complicated precisely because it is a dead language. However, many Latin books have been translated into other languages, these translations are used to train the system. Therefore, well-known books, for example, Caesar's Notes on the Gallic War, have already been translated quite qualitatively.

Proximo tempore locum Latinum invenies vel auxilio tibi opus eris cum litteris Latinis, conare hunc .

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