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The premiere of the open cartoon Sintel!

The third OpenSource cartoon made by the Blender Foundation community has finally come out! image
They were engaged in a team of 18 people (who came from different countries for two years to the Netherlands).

Of the old acquaintances (who worked on Elephants Dream and Big Buck Bunny), Ian Morgenstern (composer) and Ton Roozental (founder of Blender) are present in the team, and Sintel is both the producer and coordinator of the project.
This time the voice acting was performed by professional actors, although (spoiler) there were very few dialogues in the cartoon .

Ton also made a couple of comments on the next project “Mango project”: the goal will be to create visual effects for the movie.
Thanks to Sintel, a huge number of changes were made in the blender, in particular, the UI was greatly changed, modeling, physics, behavior of liquids, and much more were improved. Current version (beta): 2.54

All in all, hooray!

Sintel website: www.sintel.org
Blender website: www.blender.org

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105320/

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