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Stuxnet hit more than 1,000 enterprises in China

Despite the fact that the Stuxnet computer virus has long been known to computer security specialists, the attack of this virus continues - this time it became known that Stuxnet had struck many industrial facilities in China. And these are not statements of separate “anonymous sources”, several state media of this country announced at once about the attack. The total number infected with Stuxnet is estimated in the millions.

Stuxnet, recall, affects industrial control systems created by Siemens. Such control systems are used most often at industrial enterprises, including the most serious ones - for example, nuclear power plants.

In total, about 1,000 large industrial facilities were affected, which Chinese network security experts still could not protect against malicious code. Experts continue to investigate the virus, arguing that behind its creation there is not one or even a group of anonymous single hackers, but perhaps the state apparatus of a whole country, or at least a fairly influential group capable of bringing together highly trained experts. The creators of the virus and equipped it with several deployment mechanisms that use very serious vulnerabilities.
The difficulty is the fact that the virus, some of its components, is signed by completely legal digital certificates of companies such as JMicron and Realtek. These certificates have already been revoked, but this fact has allowed the virus to bypass very many protection systems.

It seems that this virus, despite the fact that almost all network security experts have heard about it, and they know what it is, will be distributed. Here you can take into account both the human factor and the serious possibilities of the virus itself, which is able to penetrate fairly well-protected systems. But most importantly, it’s probably the human factor, many experts say.

Let's hope that soon the attack of the worm will still be able to figure it out, and as long as they figure it out, nothing serious will happen.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105316/

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