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Habrahabr do it yourself

It is finished! Habr became marvelous!

UPD: try to update via stylish

As promised - I post my view on the Habr , made using the plug-in to Firefox Stylish

Although Opera experts claim that she can feed this css as well)
So far, as usual, the status is assigned to beta, until all the jambs are identified
List of changes
1) easy changes to the search form and information about the account owner (the size is aligned, the search background and the style of the forms themselves are changed);
2) more space for Habr himself;
3) the voice is better heard;
4) the tag cloud has become more airy, and instead of a strange asterisk now is a true cloud;
5) underlines of all links are removed, for it becomes more and more; if you wish, you can return them by commenting out the “On demand !!!” section;
6) minor cosmetic changes.

PS Of course, I don’t pretend that everyone will like this style - it’s rather a call “Do not write requests with small cosmetic changes in the“ Ideas for the site ”- make them yourself;)
Write in the comments your thoughts, wishes, comments.

UPD: updated a little, download in the same place, find ten differences :)

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/10531/

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