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Quite ordinary linuksovka in Yekaterinburg

This year we decided to hold a completely normal event for us - Freedom Day.

What is its usual?

First, we didn't cook anything.
Secondly, this is the usual Linux. It is so common that it is even held on a typical day for Linux, in one of the usual places for our Linux and at the most usual time for Linux.
Third not

There are dozens of such Linuxers in a year, Vasya!

Not exactly, let's be honest: the usual Linux, this is when 3-10 people sit, eat, talk about liberation from the yoke of M $.
This time, we want a lot of new faces to come, including “newbies” who will be allowed to poke around in Linux, will help the whole world to solve problems and give disks with distributions.

Ok, ok, but what do you want from me?

Nothing special, just come and have a good time.
Oh, and bring your friends with you.
If you can, bring the laptops.

Tax, and where and when are we going?

City : Ekaterinburg (just remind)
Date : October 2, 2010 (Saturday)
Time : 14:30
Location : Sunday at Malysheva, Russian Hall

Denial of responsibility

I do not know anything, I am not guilty of anything ... if anything
As already said, we did not specifically select a place, did not speak with the managers of the establishment, etc.
We have absolutely no idea how many people will come: maybe 5, maybe 300.
One thing I know for sure: in any case, pleasant communication and good food are provided to us.
And, yes, everyone buys food to himself :)

To whom it is not clear - write your questions, I will answer

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