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Open beta testing of the e-commerce project "Notando Commerce"

We invite everyone to register and try our startup "to the taste." Now we are in a dilemma, which way to develop further and your opinion can significantly affect the fate of the project. You can take part in the beta testing by filling out the registration form notando.com . Your web store will be available at company_name.notando.com

There are many different online commerce systems and many will want to know what are the advantages of our solution. I will briefly describe the main features of the service.

Who is the service intended for?

This is a small and medium business, private entrepreneurs, distributors of various goods and services.

What opportunities are there now?

What are we planning to add in the future?

Two main areas are web store improvements (creation of various topics, search and navigation optimization) and development of an accounting management system. For example, the system already has a built-in chart of accounts, the ability to conduct financial transactions and other operations necessary for maintaining accounting records. But we need to adjust the chart of accounts and bring it to the norms of the current legislation of the Russian Federation. Therefore, accounting operations are currently disabled (those who want to see how the accounting management interfaces look and work can contact me - we will have access to test this functionality).

It is also planned to create management and payroll interfaces.

Videos showing the main features of the system: web store product management and invoice creation

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