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3D browser. Inconvenient at first glance, and the second too.

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Looking for information about Microsoft Surface, I came across a message about a 3D browser. After the commercials on the megastol from the software giant, it looked quite relevant. This miracle is called SpaceTime.

What is it?

SpaceTime is a web space visualizer. Most convenient when viewing multi-site resources, such as: search engines, online stores, auctions, etc. The disadvantage is that it supports specific web resources, which is not surprising - the standards for describing search results or the storefront of a web store have not yet been noticed. Therefore, this product will be interesting to a greater extent to the American audience.
At the moment, the browser supports search for pages and images from Google, search on eBay auction, also announced Yahoo !, Flickr. In addition, you can download regular web pages.

Rheshechek a lot, so it takes a long time to boot and eats a lot of resources, one processor goes from 20 to 50%. The minimum resolution of 1280 x 1024, and even for monitors from 19 "and younger, the program is in principle irrelevant.
SpaceTime Google Images Search SpaceTime Google Webpages Search Spacetime ebay SpaceTime Google Search


It was delivered quickly, did not ask anything, the second time it did not load at all. The product of the future, what is there? Besides beta, you can forgive.

Working with pictures and lots on eBay is definitely great. The ability to scroll through all the lots and get acquainted with the characteristics of each allows you to quickly view, without waiting for the download of each page. By the way, you need a connection not lower than 768kbps. On the other hand, you cannot sort the search results, refine the search and, most importantly, along with the necessary information, you will get a lot of garbage and unnecessary pages, especially in the Google pages search, since each search result (the first 10) will load automatically.

Obviously, it is inconvenient to control objects in the volume space with either the mouse or the keyboard. The mouse is used only to navigate through the results, the arrows on the keyboard can control movement in space. After some time, there was a problem of searching in this space of opened pages: they opened, but it is not clear where. Perhaps this is just a matter of habit, but at first glance it would be preferable to use both hands to manipulate, as in Microsoft Surface or Perspective Pixel.

In addition to inconvenient navigation, the program has an ill-conceived interface: a minimum of actions that can be performed using the mouse; in order to save a picture from the search, you need to select a submenu in the menu by right-click and then save.

The implementation of viewing ordinary pages is somewhat doubtful, since the only thing that the program offers, unlike the available browsers, is building sites in a row. This can be done and external means, the same Beryl provides much more functionality when working with application windows. To start working with the window, you need to click on it, and then it expands as if the site was opened in a normal browser, and to exit the viewing mode, you need to press a separate button again.


The idea is interesting and not new, but at the moment it is unlikely to be very popular. The program is focused on working with graphic objects in the first place, and using two browsers for the web, one for graphics, and the other for everything else, is a dubious idea.

However, the program for American consumers, and as you know, they treat ryushechkam with great interest. The absence of an installation wizard also says something.

There are a lot of shortcomings, too many bugs. Russian language program does not support.

Official website: www.spacetime.com
Download the beta here.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/10530/

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