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In the future, all media will be personalized?

In the next three to five years, websites that are not adapted to take into account the interests of their users in the delivery of content will become an anachronism, says Executive Director Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook.
According to Ms. Sandberg, people do not want to receive information intended for everyone in a row, they need something that reflects what they want to see and know.

On the other hand, the latest study showed that not everyone likes the adapted news on sites. By adapted news, researchers understood a system in which a user has the opportunity to choose topics of interest to him for daily reading. However, some users prefer personalized news feeds. System pesonalization, selects content based on previous user preferences. It was found that adapted news based on a choice of topics and a content rating system were preferred by experienced users. Ordinary preferred the system to pick up the news for them independently.

To ensure personalization it is necessary to collect data on user preferences. A lot of controversy arises in this regard. For example, controversy has repeatedly arisen about Facebook's policy regarding the use of personal information when posting and sharing personal information of users. Facebook's executive director believes that the essence of this policy is that everything that is on Facebook belongs to the members of the social network, and the company does not sell this information. But the company is interested in each user sharing his personal information at least with a few people at your request. “We want to give people control. Web products are becoming more complex, and we want people to understand how you can manage your personal data on Facebook, ”said Ms. Sandberg.

Answering journalists' questions, Cheryl also touched on the theme of the film “Social Network”, which is being screened this weekend. She admitted that she watched it a few months ago. The film was very funny, but too “Hollywood.” This is a work of art. If the Social Network wanted to show the truth, then the creators would have to show just how much pizza Mark Zuckerberg devoured during the creation of Facebook. “But this is impossible to demonstrate for two hours,” she concluded.
Sheryl Sandberg also talked about whether Facebook Connect will turn into an advertising network. She assured everyone that at the moment the company is not working on creating an advertising network.

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