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The hunt for 3D. Second phase!

On September 9, 2010, the Vizerra project and NVIDIA launched the 3D Hunt competition dedicated to the Vizerra client beta test. On September 27, the first stage of the competition ended, the winner was Alexander Nikolaev from Saratov, the first to send us screenshots with objects from NVIDIA 3D Vision technology sets.

We have already sent him a prize - an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 graphics card, but for now let us show screenshots that brought luck to the winner:


Screenshot 1: Compatible with 3D Vision technology, NVIDIA GeForce graphics card (hidden in the location “Christ the Redeemer”)


Screenshot 2: NVIDIA 3D Vision glasses (hidden in the Angkor Wat location)


Screenshot 3: Monitor with 3D Vision support (hidden in the Kizhi location)


Screenshot 4: Laptop with NVIDIA 3D Vision support (hidden in the Piazza San Marco location)

We invite everyone to take part in the second stage of the competition “Hunting for 3D”, which will last from September 30 to October 15. The prize of the second stage is the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 graphics card.
Attention! Before taking part in the competition, delete all previous versions of the Vizerra client (including the one you installed in the first stage of the competition).

And now about bugs:

In addition to the objects of NVIDIA 3D Vision technology, you also searched for bugs, combing every virtual square meter of each location (and this helped us very, very much in our work).


Screenshot 5: You found a “floating” house on the Kizhi site. We have corrected the position of the house relative to the land.


Screenshot 6: You found a "flying" tree on the Kizhi location. We transplanted a tree into the ground.


Screenshot 7: You dived under water in the Kizhi location. We tried for a long time to repeat this bug, and finally managed to get under the water, flying to the shore from a certain side. Beautiful, is not it?

One of our beta testers was so eager to get inside one of the wooden houses on Kizhi Island, that he spent more than one and a half minutes doing this. He broke through the collisions from all sides, from where he could come and fly, but he was never let into the hut. See for yourself!

We thank all our beta testers and remind you that the bug search contest continues until October 31! Each of you has a chance to win a subscription to Visual Studio Premium (prize provided by Microsoft) or Visual Studio Ultimate (prize provided by Oogway ).

Attention! Before taking part in beta testing, remove all previous versions of the Vizerra client (including the one loaded during the first stage of the contest).

Good hunting!

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105283/

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