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Roof, hood and doors - energy batteries

A group of scientists from Imperial College London received a three-year grant of $ 4.5 million to develop a composite material made of carbon fiber and rubber that could hold an electric charge and was strong enough to make a body. Among the investors of the project are nine European companies, including Volvo (which, however, has recently become a Chinese company).

Thus, the car body can be used as a rechargeable battery. When fully charged the roof, hood and doors, the car must drive 130 km. The hybrid will travel further, because it can be recharged not only from the braking energy, but also from the gasoline engine.
The idea is quite reasonable, because the battery is almost half the cost of a modern electric car, while significantly increasing its weight. If there was a cheaper and more practical material instead of lithium-ion batteries, that would be great.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105280/

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