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AR.Drone flew to Moscow

The long-awaited gadget appeared in the AR Door office - AR.Drone .

The device was presented back in January 2010 at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) conference. And as soon as AR.Drone went on sale, namely at the beginning of September, they decided to purchase a spinner. Bought through Ebay in Hong Kong, now you can order on Amazon with spare parts.

Issue price - $ 350 with international delivery.
AR.Drone is a remote-controlled quad-helicopter piloted with an iPhone / iPod / iPad application.

The program provides live video transmission from the helicopter's integrated camera, and, most importantly for us, supports augmented reality. A couple of toys are already in development, as well as clients for android and windows 7 phone.

They waited a parcel for a long time, but it was worth it ...

1. Here in this form, he flew to us. Fragile The packaging was slightly torn and crumpled, thank God from the side of a protected bag in which AR.Drone can be carried along the street.

2. We tear off the paper, open the box and ...


The seller forgot to put the adapter to charge the battery. The alternative was purchased in a radio-controlled model shop. The adapter is sent to us in a separate package, we are still waiting for it. Native battery lasts for 15 minutes average flight aggressiveness. Then you will have 90 minutes of recharge. FPS video stream in the native application is about 10-15, but judging by the source code from the SDK, there is something to optimize.

AR.Drone tests indoors.

We are thinking of buying several turntables and arranging a virtual battle in the office.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105274/

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