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Register and restore WMID? Easily

Hi, Habr!

I think many of you have faced the problem of regaining control over WMID. Registering a new WMID, sending scans, or even a personal visit to the Certification Center ... a tedious wait ... Familiar?

We want to please you!
The procedure for regaining control over the WMID for owners of Keeper Classic is now extremely simplified. In most cases, if several conditions are met (a verified phone number, for example), control became possible within a few minutes without registering a new WMID.

But that is not all.

In the registration procedure in the WebMoney system, too, there have been changes that greatly simplify it. Now those users who already have at least one registration with WebMoney can register the WebMoney Keeper application in just a few clicks.

It looks like this: a user of the system, having logged in on the registration website , automatically immediately enters the final stage of registration. No need to re-enter personal data, do not need to check the phone and e-mail. After registration is completed, the new WMID will automatically join the user's certificate.

Enjoy :)

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