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Culinary sites snippets now with photos

Some time ago, we offered culinary sites owners the opportunity to improve their snippets. In order to do this, it is necessary to transfer data on pages with recipes in a structured form, in XML or hRecipe format . The formats we offer contain quite a large number of fields for various recipe parameters. In the first version of snippets not all of them were used. However, we planned and plan to expand the use of this data. And today we are demonstrating this in the literal sense clearly.

Now for sites where recipes are presented in the form of step-by-step illustrated instructions, such snippets with photos of the “steps” and the result may appear in the search results:

Owners of all sites that give us fields describing photos can see these snippets for their pages today. They are shown when the user clearly indicates that he wants to find recipes with photos, for example, like this: [ photo of truffles ]

Those who have not yet sent us data to improve snippets can join at any time. Participation rules can be found here . And to find out about all the data transfer capabilities currently available for snippets - here .

We still have a lot of plans. Follow the news.

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