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Mash a car? - Upload photos to DentBetty and local car repair shops will fight for you

Car repair is a lengthy process involving hours of headache, especially if you spend time assessing the cost in different workshops. If the damage is only cosmetic, then the startup DentBetty offers assistance in this matter.

You can upload 2 or more photos of damage to the car to the site and get estimates of the cost of the nearest car service. By filling out a short form, you can describe the deformation of the body, to report your repair preferences (eg, official parts or not) and whether the repair is covered by insurance. Then the service sends an e-mail to your service centers (and soon via SMS).
Within seven days, DenBetty promises to issue up to 7 offers, which include the estimated price, the term, the “level of confidence” of the service center and the opportunity to pick up your car from your home. Next, the winner is selected.

At the same time, your personal information is not available to anyone until the winner is selected.

The site has a system of reviews and ratings.

Currently 120 automotive workshops in California, Massachusetts and New York are working with DentBetty.
The service has already collected $ 0.5 million in investment and is now engaged in porting the application to mobile platforms.

Personally, I’m a little unsure that car dealerships will enthusiastically climb into the program, as this may whip up price competition. On the other hand, many aggregators are incredibly popular, and not cooperating with them is losing business (Yandex.Market, expedia, tripadvisor, any business).

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