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Promotion of technical posts

Opened today, as usual, Habr. And as usual, I found something interesting only on the fourth or fifth page in the amount of “one thing” .

We read the official announcement of "Habrazachistka" :
Status on Habré you can earn with your thoughts.

I think that this is not so - Alizar and his ilk, who, by the way, are editors of Habr, constantly violate this rule. Now "their" thoughts appear in one of 2-3 hundred publications, the rest is news, intrigue, scandals, investigations.
A technical post will almost never reach +100 (+30 can be considered a good result) if it is not specific (algorithms, data mining, something absolutely geeky, which is unclear for 99% of the population of Habr).

The .NET blog has long been moved to other places, there are no publications on Java at all, sometimes someone writes something about PHP. Everything. Subscribe to RSS, individual blogs are useless - in the first case there is a large flow, the second is not effective due to poor attachment of materials to blogs and the ability to transfer / delete posts.

Reviews of the next nightly assembly of chrome, Mozilla, ubuntu, shouts about the opera, holivary - this is the lot of the current Habr.

Proposal: for publishing a technical article in certain blogs (algorithms, Java, .NET, Development, Data Mining, artificial intelligence - the list can be added), one plus equate to two (three, five), minus count 1 to 1. Maybe it will be . Otherwise, all you want to write smart on Habré is a post like this.

Thanks for attention.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105263/

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