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Some more useful plugins

Over the last month, I have already written two posts with reviews of jQuery plugins ( 1 and 2 ). I must say that such articles in English appear more and more often. However, their content quickly becomes boring. Image galleries, sliders, image galleries again, numerous dynamic menus and sliders again. I do not want to describe the next portion of these plugins. Therefore, today I will tell not about twenty-thirty as usual, but only about seven important plug-ins in my opinion, which I really wanted to talk about. Less is more.

Image Notes

The jQuery-Notes plugin allows you to take notes on images (directly on themselves) that become visible when you hover over these images.
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Information stickers

Growl plugin will allow you to organize on the site a user alert system, in the style of Growl mac-application.
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Wrapping block elements not only horizontally, but also vertically

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Microgallery of images

Oops! I didn’t want to talk about galleries today ... But I’ll tell you about this one. This gallery is different from the rest in that it may take up less space on your page than the average image.
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How many letters, how many words!

A simple plugin allows you to create text areas with counting the number of characters and words, as well as limit this number.
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Charts and diagrams for all occasions

Many graphs and charts, some of which can respond to user actions.
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Translation directly on the site

The jTextTranslate plugin will help translate the necessary piece of text on the site into one of the many available languages. How he does it? uses the Google Language API.
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