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Pimp my surf, or Otsumenyur your surfing

In this post I will try to make you think once again about the famous phrase "if you are not paranoid, then this does not mean that you are not being watched." I will talk about some aspects of private surfing on the Internet. I will try to paint everything in detail, focusing on teapots.

Search services try to monitor all your actions while surfing, collecting information, which sites you visit, what you are looking for. I will list some methods of collecting this information under a cat.

1. Let's look "under the rim of the toilet" of the search results page. All results found are not just links. Look at the source code of the page.

It does not matter that the true address of the link is lit in the status bar. Each link of the search results contains an onmousedown attribute that causes the browser to perform specific actions by clicking on the link. In this case, the transition to the desired page occurs through a redirect to the address of the intermediary. That is, first your browser follows this link:

www.google.ru/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=1&ved=0CBUQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Franetki.sefon.ru%2Fforum%2F6%2F699%2F1%2Fanekdoti_i_prikoli_pro_ranetok.html&rct=j&q= %20%20%20 &ei=nIKlTOeCB8uaOtjg5KoC&usg=AFQjCNGdwhNWSe5oyWNMVR5xHEMY-Vv-Jw&sig2=qtdXwlRKQHrwMdbY9yIaXA&cad=rjt

And only after entering this address a transition to the page you need takes place. The transition is carried out fairly quickly, which is not seen on a wide channel. Meanwhile, Google gets statistics with the information that you were looking for and where you went as a result.

Yandex, and Yahoo, and other search engines do the same. You can counter this by using client-side scripts in the browser that will bring the links into the correct format. Install the plugin for Firefox Greasemonkey and add to the list the link clearing scripts for Google and Yandex.



This is the only way to fight. Even if you set up a Google search so that it does not save the history of your search, it will not lead to anything.

2. I do not accidentally use Firefox browser. With him, I am sure that my private information is not sent where it is not necessary. But there are alternatives. Due to the interest in private surfing, the SrWare Iron project was born . This is an open source browser that ensures that your actions on the Internet are not tracked. Try it in action, it looks just as fast and convenient as Chrome, as it is an offshoot. Its only drawback is a small number of plug-ins, if you need them. Anyway, AdBlock is already built into Iron.

3. Speaking of Firefox plug-ins, it's worth talking about two of them.

FlashBlock blocks the execution of all flash-elements on the page. If you need an object to work, it will be enough to click on it. In the meantime, the item is locked, it can do nothing in your browser.

But Flash itself is not so bad as cookies based on it. Cookies (cookies) are files that store information on your computer about you so that websites can recognize you among other users of the network. And if you can always block regular cookies in the settings of your browser, then things are more complicated with flash cookies. If only because very few people know about them. They are called LSO , Local Shared Object, work secretly, and therefore so popular with search engines. Install the BetterPrivacy plugin and be surprised how much shit on your computer:


The plugin allows you to control the recording of private information on your computer so that it is not accessible to third-party sites, offering to remove the LSO in various ways, for example, by timer.

Protection will be incomplete, if you do not prohibit the flash itself to allow to save information locally on the computer. And for this you need to configure the flash itself. To do this, go to the Adobe website on the Parameter Manager page. This can be done through the context menu by right-clicking on any flash element.


On the Global Storage Settings tab, reduce the amount of disk space for storing information to a minimum and prevent third-party flash content from storing data on your computer.


4. And finally, discard the bars. You will quickly get used to doing without their dubious help, and most importantly you will be sure that the owners of these bars do not follow your navigation through the pages. In the end, you have the right to secretly search for where to buy nitroglycerin in bulk in Tambov, or how quietly to kill a man!

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