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Russian Internet Week (RIW – 2010)

The third annual Russian Internet Week (Russian Internet Week, RIW – 2010) will be held from October 21 to October 23 at the Expocentre Fairgrounds on Krasnaya Presnya (Pavilion 3).

RIW – 2010 is:

More information about the event can be found on the official website , and under the cut we will tell about the most interesting and distribute promotional codes for free to participate in the professional program.

RIW – 2010 unites several areas and formats at once that are interesting to both specialized Internet specialists and wide groups of end Internet users.

Leaders of Russian business, experts and specialists in infocommunications and Internet technologies, employees of Russian and foreign IT companies, government officials, representatives of relevant ministries and departments, Internet users, media representatives are invited to participate in the “Russian Internet Week” .

An important feature of RIW – 2010 will be its international status ; representatives of IT companies from the CIS and non-CIS countries will take part in the conference and exhibition.


According to the estimates of the Organizing Committee, over 15 thousand people will take part in the Russian Internet Week (RIW-2010).


All business days of RIW-2010 in the territory of Pavilion 3 of the Expocentre will be available Business Zone .

This is a special area for participants of the professional program, speakers and partners of RIW-2010.


Participation in the RIW-2010 General Conference Program and attendance at the Internet 2010 Exhibition: free of charge . Participation in the RIW-2010 Professional Conference Program: paid .

Promotional codes for participation in the professional program:
  1. u49DchgZ4r
  2. n24jtbydK1
  3. Wen9x44ww4
  4. mmg458u7xT
  5. gXVnv6qmd1

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