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Miniplan - simple and convenient SaaS organizer


Hello. My name is Marat. I work as a designer in the company Megaplan .

In addition, I participate in various other projects - I am engaged in photography, shoot video clips, conduct trainings, develop my own online store. There are never less cases and plans, and there are no hours added per day.
Every day so much happens that remember everything just does not work. Plan a meeting, but it turns out that two weeks ago I promised this time to someone else.

Planning to go hiking with friends. You prepare for a whole month and think about what you need to take with you. You are going to last night again, and only in the forest do you discover that you forgot your flashlight and your favorite penknife again. While planning to shoot the next clip, I lost the list of props recorded on paper, which had to be purchased.

I am sure that many of these situations in life are quite common.

Meetings, to-do or shopping lists, reminders of what must be done before the end of this week is something that we can always forget about and then regret for a long time. For many, this is certainly not critical, but there are such cases that the entire mess with personal affairs of a large snowball falls "accidentally" on his head.

Cause in Megaplane

In Megaplan there is a “Business” module, but I could not use it for personal purposes. Somehow it was all damp and uncomfortable. We have been developing this module for a long time, and we could not foresee all the details, which, as it turned out, play a large and important role.

We decided to make a new version of the "Cause" module.

In the process of working on it, we realized that this module became so convenient and useful that we decided to make a separate project out of it and called it the Miniplan . The “Cases” module is in all our products and was never meant as a part for which we take money, we decided to make the Mini Plan for free.

What is Miniplan

Miniplan - this is SaaS organizer, personal web-planner, electronic planning - to whom it is convenient and familiar. This is a quick way to manage your own business.

Miniplan understands human language, so the input affairs becomes as fast as possible. Tomorrow, Friday or March 28 at 8:30 - Miniplan recognizes all your phrases.
Miniplan speaks Russian

Business Management in MiniplanIn the lists of cases you can see all the cases at once. Create and delete cases, organize lists, edit, move, add cases to favorites, filter cases by categories, search by name.
Convenient calendarIn the calendars, the actual for a specified period of time are displayed, you can create and move cases around the calendar with the mouse, drag and drop cases from the lists onto the calendar.
TaskwochOn the clock you can see the cases scheduled for the day, add cases directly to the clock with the mouse, draw on the page, add stickers, add from lists and scatter cases around the page as you like.

You can receive alerts about upcoming events and overdue cases by SMS, mail or jabber.

Two weeks have passed since we launched the project and have already received a few reviews:
I am engaged in creative work and “Miniplan” is the first organizer, which struck me with attractive simplicity, flexibility and convenience in use. Sometimes it seems to me that the “Miniplan” was made specifically for me, as if they took into account all my taste preferences, basic requirements and specific work. For the first time, nothing superfluous and at the same time just enough. And for me - it's worth a lot!
Pavlo Shevchuk, producer of Mumiy Troll.

The parser is super! I liked it very much. Watch - class! very impressive! like a refrigerator door :-) Calendar - Convenient. Handsomely. Qualitatively done (as a professional I say!) In general, there is potential! Well done!
Oksana Naumenko.

We are for the best use of time.

We have just opened a free registration for everyone. We will be glad to see you among the users of the Miniplan.

Designer - Dmitry Plotnikov
Product Manager - Sergey Mikhailov
Programmers - Ilya Byrkin, Alexander Galchenkov, Alexey Sklyarov, Sergey Li.
Assistant fate - Marat Nigametzyanov.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105254/

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