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The future of digital books. IDEO version

It is strange that this was not mentioned in Habré. Moreover, the blog "e-books". Painfully topic, I think, interesting.

So, last week IDEO (a fairly well-known consultant in the field of design and innovation) rolled out a 5-minute video to the point where she presented her vision of the future of e-books.

This is a picture for the seed. The video itself is under the cut
Actually, what is interesting about this video? Firstly, it is noticeable that in IDEO they put on multitouch tablets, and not on black and white readers. Secondly, the company's analysts very strongly deviate towards the social component, giving the book reader functions of the social network. Thirdly ... Actually, why list for nothing, let's see with our own eyes.

UPD: If for any reason you cannot watch this video, here is a little storyboard with interesting moments and a more detailed description.

I warn you right away, the movie is big (about 70 megabytes), but very interesting.

For those who didn’t watch the video, didn’t follow the link, I’ll give the key principles of the IDEO approach:

1. IDEO considers three different roles of the reading room: Nelson, Coupland and Alice.
2. Nelson is a tool of criticism. You can always see which books are being discussed at the moment, and, alternatively, which particular statements of the authors cause the liveliest discussions.
3. Coupland - a social network of bibliophiles. You can see what your contacts are reading and, accordingly, advise something to your friends. The most interesting in this part was the ability to track the popularity of specific books on the map of the world. I would use this visualization tool with pleasure.
4. Alice - extended reality for individual books. The video shows how the owner lifts the tablet on a certain page and reveals the hidden secret. The coordinates of the reader are immediately determined and a special adventure or a hidden chapter becomes available to him.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105253/

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