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"Star Wars" will be released in 3D

The day before yesterday, Lucasfilm Ltd. announced that the Star Wars movie series will be transformed into 3D. Among the episodes of the saga, which are literally asking for the transition to three-dimensionality, are the races on Tatooine and the scenes of the attack on the Death Star. The first three-dimensional episode will be “Phantom Menace” (“Star Wars”: Episode I “The Phantom Menace”), which is expected to appear on the screens of three-dimensional cinemas in 2012 (there is no more exact date):

[The Phantom Menace]

StarWars.com has a video of an exclusive interview with the video effects supervisor from ILM (Industrial Light & Magic), whose name is John Knoll ( John Knoll ). He tells about the role that fell to the lot of him and the whole company in the upcoming 3D transformation of the popular video saga.


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