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The new Ubuntu font is available to everyone in Maverick

As announced in the summer, the new Ubuntu font, created by Dalton Maag by order of Canonical, became available to all users in Ubuntu 10.10.

The font, which has been under development for almost 9 months, used to be available only to Canonical and Ubuntu members. Bruno Maag recently confirmed that the font will be included in the Ubuntu 10.10 release. The package in Maverick Meerkat is called ttf-ubuntu-font-family .

A new site, font.ubuntu.com, has been created to support the font. It contains links to documentation, a testing form, error messages, and a Canonical design blog.
And a couple of pangrams with a size of 16 points for clarity:

UPD: I changed the pangrams to more traditional ones :) Also, a few words about the license: Canonical bought all the font rights, it is completely free, a specific license has not yet been chosen.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105239/

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