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Cisco introduced a new solution for transport systems

At a recent transport technology exhibition in Berlin, Cisco has unveiled technology that can make passenger and cargo transportation by rail safer. The technology, or rather, the device of the Secure Station Service Platform, helps operators working at the stations, additional opportunities for tracking movements and communication with each other and with the central communication centers.

For example, you can take a fairly common example - as soon as the light disappears at the station, or someone breaks the communication cable (for example, to pass it all to the metal receiving point - in the CIS, very often this happens), the connection between stations, of course, disappears. As a result, anything can happen - from banal delays to accidents. But Cisco technology creates a distributed network that is resistant to damage and is capable of operating regardless of the connection to the station. The Secure Station Service Platform network also includes video surveillance and railway monitoring devices.

It is worth noting that the technology announced by the company can significantly reduce the number of intermediate nodes of links - because the more of them, as we know, the higher the likelihood of system failure. This not only makes the connection between stations and throughout the system as a whole more reliable, but also saves money, energy and human resources (machine, of course, also).
The system works not only at stations, but also on the trains themselves, allowing you to “spot” unwanted people on the tracks, quickly respond to incidents, track “birds with one stone” at stations, quickly identify forgotten baggage and eliminate other shortcomings that are so familiar to us. Interestingly, the same system allows you to monitor car parking and prevent attempts of different fans to paint the freshly painted wall with another “masterpiece”.

Another advantage of the system is the elaborate sound alert scheme - when implementing the Secure Station Service Platform, an incomprehensible “bu-bu-bu” from the nearest speaker is transformed into a clear and unambiguous message. However, for this you will have to change a lot in the hardware. But what to do - otherwise you will not be able to get rid of the shortcomings. Of course, in the CIS in the near future such systems are unlikely to appear, well, while abroad they can be expected next year.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105235/

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