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Mozilla will release hardware accelerated Firefox for Mac OS X

Until now, the Apple OS was not among the priorities of the Mozilla community - however, with the advent of the fourth version of the Mozilla Firefox browser, things can change. Recently, the Mozilla community announced its intention to release a version of Firefox for Mac with the ability to use hardware acceleration - much like it is implemented in IE9. Probably, it was the implementation of such a function in the new version of Internet Explorer that spurred the Firefox developers - and they decided to use the new technology not with Windows OS, but with Mac OS X.

Most likely, the function of hardware acceleration in the Mac version will appear in a short time. The developers are still trying out a novelty in the developer versions of Firefox, which the Mozilla community will be able to test in detail, and only then implement all this in the final version of their browser.

The version of the browser for Windows already uses (partly, at least since the fourth beta version of Firefox 4), the hardware acceleration feature by working with Direct3D 9, support for Direct3D 10 is already “on the way”. Mac versions of the browser will use OpenGL to speed up their work.
"We plan to provide a number of functional advantages of our browser, which will be especially noticeable when working with obviously slow pages," the developers' working records say. A new feature allows you to speed up the process of displaying video, text, pictures, vector graphics. All this will be very quickly drawn, and scaling will be faster than ever. This feature is especially useful on pages with 3D elements and other “frills” that negatively affect the speed of the current versions of most browsers.

Of course, we still have to work hard to bring new features to mind, but let's hope that the Mozilla developers will really cope with this task, and we will get a quality product that will work very quickly. Most likely, after this statement, Mozilla, and other browsers will urgently get a hardware acceleration mechanism on different operating systems - because no one wants to be left behind, right?

Let me remind you that earlier it was only about the implementation of the hardware acceleration function in the Windows version of Firewall, however, as we see, the developers decided to add a useful feature to the Firefox version for other operating systems. By the way, the new features promise to be implemented in the next, seventh, beta of Firefox 4.

In general, let's hope that in the new version of Firefox we can really see what many expect - the speed of work, comparable to the same Google Chrome and IE9.


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