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Non-standard way to record Skype conferences

I decided to share with you about a non-standard solution of such a banal task as recording a Skype conference.

Summary: do not buy the program under Windows, and put on a separate piece of hardware free analogue for Linux.

The company in which I work is divided into two offices on different sides of the ocean (Russia and the United States), so telephone conferences take almost half of the working day from some managers and analysts. However, this was not enough for them, and they asked for the opportunity to record their endless conversations in order to then listen thoughtfully to their second half of the day.

Primary googling was very disappointing: all the programs found required 15 or more dollars per copy (and there were about 15 managers and analysts in our small company already!). On the one hand, this is not so much, but the company’s management was not ready for this.
Who are interested in paid programs for recording conversations, please read this topic: habrahabr.ru/blogs/podcasting/26593

And I had to get out. The solution was found at home when I added the word “Linux” to the query. The very first link gave me a completely functional and free program: Skype Call Recorder . The rest was a matter of technology:

A separate <name of the company> .rec account is registered with Skype, which simply connects to the conference to record a conversation with any employee.

In addition to samba-balls, I added a small web application with a player for convenience.

In conclusion, I want to add that more thorough googling can help, and so, for example, the very same Skype Call Recorder has recently delighted with the release of an experimental version for Windows. In addition, this habratopic describes some kind of free program for recording conversations, but judging by the comments, not everyone likes it.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105227/

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