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What is considered someone else's post?

Now on the main page hangs a message of the internal voice as follows:
Published someone else's post - lost account

If I understand correctly, it comes from the administration.
The choice of such a format instead of a normal post is strange in itself, but this is not the point.

My question is what is considered “someone else's post”?

I see three options:
  1. Kopipast. The person copied the entry from a newspaper or someone else's blog and posted on his own behalf.
  2. Just posted will announce. The man published a post written by a friend-acquaintance by mutual agreement with him.
  3. Instead of a sandbox. The man published a post written by his friend, a friend, asking for an invite.

For which of these posts can you lose your account?


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105224/

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