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iDish or virtual dishes

There was a simple Japanese guy who, like any Japanese, loved sushi, and he also loved his Apple tablet (read iPad).
Then one day, when our hero drank and ate his favorite rolls at one of the Tokyo eateries, while simultaneously browsing porn with Japanese schoolgirls on the iPad, something unforeseen happened - one "sushina" slipped out and fell right on the 10-inch screen, attempts to lift chopsticks elusive lump of rice dawned on him - "I now can use my iPad as a plate!".
There lived a shiinaneko (our Japanese nickname) was completely alone and he did not have a lot of dishes, and he did not want to spend money on plates, cups, so this decision turned out to be by the way.
In order to use our iPad as a dish, we will need: an Internet connection, products, and of course the iPad itself.

Purchased with a 50% discount sushi in plastic packaging does not look so appetizing, right?

Let's try to use a virtual stand for sushi.

Zoom and voila!

Put sushi.

Further more - sashimi.
50% discount haunts us :)

We go google "sashimi zara" (a plate under the sashimi comment of the translator ).

Choose what we like.

Yes, quite nothing.

Put our sashimi.

And of course, we have the opportunity at any time to change the plate.

And even despite the fact that we have not so much sashimi, we can imagine that we are in an expensive Japanese restaurant.

No soy sauce plates? No problem! We will use our iPod Touch!

Pour soy sauce.

Fried tofu? - OK!

Shop shumai (Chinese dumplings approx. Translator )?

Hunting home onigiri (something like sushi only more comment. Translator )? There you are!

During the experiment, we received several messages ...

Need a baking tray? Well this is an iPad, Take away!

Roasted meat looks more than natural.

Well, what kind of dinner without dessert?

Why not try kare rice (rice with kari sauce approx. Translator) ? Choose and zoom dishes

Put rice

Fill all with curry sauce.

It is completely edible!

After all the experiences, our Japanese would not advise doing the same thing on my tablet - “The iPad is beginning to stink of fish, but there is a more pleasant from real dishes.” - concluded our hero.

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