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Facebook and Skype are ready to merge in unison

You didn’t think Facebook would integrate Google Voice, would you?

After all, as it turns out, according to certain insider information, Facebook and Skype are preparing to announce the start of a full-scale partnership, which involves the integration of SMS messages, voice chat and Facebook Connect.

The development of a couple (in which there have not yet been any serious examples of interaction) is a natural desire of the social network giant, who set itself the goal of becoming a center of communications, both voice and in message format.

The prospects are clear - Facebook is going to make a bunch of “society + communications” even closer. Grab mail, phone, telegraph - well, you understand. The final users are promised only profit from all this.
Since Facebook refused to create its own Internet-telephony service, the sensible step was to turn in the direction of convergence with Skype. It is curious, by the way, that earlier Facebook had already tested its own video chat.

Skype also has 124 million users active at least once a month and 560 million registered users. 500 million Facebook users obviously will not hurt him.

From the window of Skype, starting with the fifth version, will now be visible face contacts. The release version will be released in the next few weeks.


For Facebook, this partnership is very, very interesting also by the fact that Skype outside the US is much more popular than Facebook (in Russia, for example - approx. Per.) and among mobile apps.

Facebook already has experience of integration with other communication services, such as Yahoo and Microsoft. Skype also in parallel strengthens partnership with other companies. Today, for example, a deal was announced with Avaya, a manufacturer of office telephones and developing software. Sharpened by business processes. Facebook and Skype call this development a “strategic partnership aimed at unifying communication and collective activity.”

via Kara Swisher

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105221/

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