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Interesting case.

Many designers have long been accustomed to the "peculiar" tastes of customers. We like to repeat to ourselves the words of Lebedev “ordering is always wrong,” etc. And this is not surprising. Almost all the time we are faced with the fact that from several options, many customers choose the worst. Sometimes, as it happens, you draw, try, and the “voice from the handset” tells you: - “No, this is not at all what I wanted. I want to like this site. ” The example is often given such misery that I want to tear the hair on the head. Especially when, for comparison, you look at what you drew yourself.

I have so happened more than once. Here and now ...

About a year ago I painted a site for one hotel in Riga. It was decided to draw a beautiful page for each relevant section, well, and make another one more for the pages with more information.
Then it seemed to me that everything turned out gorgeous. Now I also like it as a whole, but I know that I could have been better somewhere. But not the point.
Drew for a penny for friends. After some rewrites, the design was approved, the site was made. Then another page was backed up : www.free-lance.ru/users/raga/viewproj.php?prjid=392163

Everything is good ... But "probably something happened ...". Just the other day I go to the hotel website, and what do I see there?

After the first shock, the question appeared: why? Well, many different others.
That is, I realize that the design I have drawn may well have disagreed with the customer. But is THIS better? Why redo a ready-made site that works for this misery?

Now I don’t even know if I’m happy or angry that the main page, which somehow looks similar to what I’m drawing, removed my logo. Maybe, well, his nafig, show off under this monster?

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