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Circle - a new form of USB hubs

In the welcome topic, we were accused of the lack of content greetings. Well, we jump out of the frying pan into the fire and present you a novelty.

It's no secret that one of the most convenient types of PC for almost every user is a laptop. Recently on the market there is a tendency to reduce the size of laptops. However, as the size of laptops decreases, so does the number of USB ports, which means that the number of devices that are simultaneously connected to a laptop is limited.

Apacer USB hub AP520 is designed to solve this problem. It is a bright, ultra-compact and easy-to-carry 4-port USB hub. The device is designed to both power USB-carriers, and to charge multiple devices simultaneously via a USB interface.

4 USB ports

Most laptops are equipped with two or three USB ports, which limits users when connecting various devices. Due to the presence of 4 ports, Apacer AP520 hub allows you to simultaneously connect four different digital devices to your laptop, such as a computer mouse, a portable hard disk, a flash drive and a card reader.

Lightweight and compact with integrated cable

Apacer AP520 hub weighs only 32 grams and is an ideal solution for laptop users. Built-in cable saves space, and saves users from the inconvenience of wires. The distinctive design of the novelty allows you to easily connect multiple devices simultaneously.

And also, it can fit in any cosmetic bag or a purse and will take up no more space than a cell phone.

In addition to the red-pink color, the device is presented in a dark gray version.

And here you can see more information about this "round".

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