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What will be the new iPad? Opinion analysts from Goldman Sachs

Henry King (Henry King) and Kevin Lu (Kevin Lu), after analyzing the situation on the market and checking their own sources of information related to the supply of components, concluded that the next-generation iPad will become smaller, lighter, get at least one camera and mini port -USB, reports AppleInsider . They also note that the gadget will go on sale in the early spring of next year.

It is expected that this will be a version with a 9.7-inch LCD display, and the 7-inch version, rumors of which recently go on the web, is still under development and may appear somewhat later than a larger model. The tablets will be produced at the factories of Apple's long-time partner Foxconn. The appearance of the camera in the iPad is quite logical and expected since the announcement of the FaceTime video chat feature in the iPhone 4, and the introduction of support for this technology in the fourth-generation iPod touch is an indirect confirmation of this.

If the appearance of a FaceTime video conferencing camera in the iPad, which was planned during the development of the first model, is hardly in doubt, the message about the presence of a mini-USB port in a future model of the device looks completely unexpected, since Apple has systematically created over the past decade a huge ecosystem of equipment centered around its proprietary 30-pin dock connector. Rejecting the dock connector in favor of the Mini-USB port would make the device incompatible with all the accessories previously released, while the benefits from such a move at this stage would look rather unconvincing.
Considering that Apple collects substantial licensing fees and royalties from accessories that use a proprietary docking connector and a policy of creating your own standards, it’s hard to believe that Apple will add such a versatile mini USB interface to its flagship design.

Last week, the Taiwanese DigiTimes also predicted the appearance of a second-generation iPad in the first quarter of 2011, suggesting that the device will have the same 9.7-inch screen size.

But one Chinese site claimed that the new generation of tablet from Apple, will have a 7-inch screen, which will give it the appearance of "aesthetically finished product."

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