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A strange letter, or what is the dog buried in?


From time to time different letters come. With a proposal for cooperation, a request to buy something very cheap from me, or to sell all sorts of garbage at a high price. I don’t say about spam, I’d die without a filter.

Usually everything is clear. But here's a recent letter made you really think.

I quote:
Good afternoon, we want to offer cooperation with your portal JJJ.ru (real site address).

What are we paying you for? You install on the home page of your site, in a convenient place for you, a link that will lead to the script installed on your site with which we will post articles of our company's clients in this section. Monthly we will pay rent of this section for our articles.

How much do we pay you? The rate is determined depending on the indicator of the TIC of your portal and is at least 1000 rubles. per month. We are ready to start cooperation without delay due to the current expansion of the existing partner network.

PS we write to you, because We know that you are making money on the MMM.ru link exchange (here is the exchange's URL, not the ememe;)), and this will give you additional income from the site.

In the mind:
First, the letter was sent from the site support form. Apparently, hands.
The second is that the letter is quite general.
Third - and most importantly - I * do not make money * on the exchange MMM.ru.

Option two.

1) I really want to buy articles. Everything is clear here.
2) Thus, they give me the MMM.ru exchange as an additional income, while not explicitly spamming on behalf of the exchange!
Well, another 3) Both.

What do you think?

PS This post does not pursue advertising purposes. Sites "JJJ.ru" and "MMM.ru" are in no way connected with the post.
PPS I’m not getting these messages for the first time, as many people think. But the thought 2) literally just appeared.

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