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Small video chat for VK

Dealing with adobe stratus - inadvertently wrote a videophone for VKontakte.

It works like this:
1. You go to the application page and ask to make your friend the same.
2. Your friend sees you in the list of subscribers and presses the "call" button.
3. If you have webcams / headsets for both subscribers - you can chat live, as in Skype.
4. In the absence of - however, too, but without the video.

To be honest, I had completely forgotten about him, but then suddenly I remembered, suddenly, someone would need it, but it was lying about itself, gathering dust. I do not plan to make it paid, or anything like that. If you do not believe - this is the source code , if it suddenly turns out that I am a goon - you can easily clone it and all that.
Have a nice day.

PS: There were no decent screenshots at hand, so I'm sorry, there will be no pictures.
PPS: I continue to deal with this wonderful technology and for now honestly there are more questions than answers. If you suddenly had links to sorts / examples of other P2P applications, do not be greedy, please share.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105197/

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