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Widgets for third-party sites

Today, the company decided to summarize the monthly work on widgets for third-party sites. During this time, we have developed four products that allow owners to attract additional attention of VK users to their projects. And right now, on Habrahabr, we will present our new, already fifth, widget.

Comment Widget

The main advantages of the site owners who have already managed to use it, consider the speed of work and the exchange of comments with VKontakte. Automatic synchronization of responses to comments leads to the fact that the material is discussed at once on two sites, each of which brings the attention of new users to the original article.

The business newspaper "Vzglyad" agreed to become a test field for the comment widget. Based on the wishes of the chief editor, our developer Igor Zhukov ( ibeatle ) has significantly expanded the functionality of the comment form. It turned out that the most important requirement of most of the media is a convenient moderation system. Now the VK widget allows, in addition to deleting records of two levels, to look at the review of comments throughout the site (from any article), add people to the blacklist and assign additional administrators.

This is how statistics looked at the number of comments at the testing stage:

The dotted line marks the current day .

According to the editor-in-chief of the publication, the number of transitions from VKontakte increased from several thousand to ten thousand per day (the widget was installed in only one section). The age structure of users who leave comments on the site vz.ru:
The average age is 31.3.

Now the VKontakte comment widget is installed on the 4,281 site. Among the projects, besides the newspaper “Vzglyad”, such sites as pravda.ru, europaplus.ru, ivi.ru, forbes.ru, news.liveinternet.ru, novafilm.tv, redquest.mts.ru joined us .

Despite some legal differences on the issue of copyright, it was possible to establish good partnerships with the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company. Their new project auto.vesti.ru starts with VK widgets, which will help ensure a quick start to it.

The next step in the development of the VKontakte comment form will be the development of its additional modules: recent comments (similar to the live broadcast on Habrahabr), and with the introduction of the I Like widget inside the site, the best comments module. And numerous letters about the inconsistency of our products with the color gamut of third-party sites suggest the creation of several color solutions.

Community widget

Connects the site with the corresponding group VKontakte. Provides the ability to subscribe to updates via SMS and shows group statistics:

Like widget

In one click the user evaluates the article, the second - sends a link to it in its status. This service will serve as the basis for creating a line of reference widgets.

Polls widget

Just yesterday, we announced the launch of the polls widget. It allows you to organize a vote and ensure its viral distribution through VKontakte. After selecting the answer option, the user is asked to tell about this survey to his friends who can vote directly from their news feed:

Donation Widget

Tomorrow we are going to present our new widget - donations. We have been thinking for a long time about how to help charitable organizations raise money to treat sick children. We decided that linking this process to a social network will once again remind people of the need to do good deeds. The donation will be accompanied by sending information to the status with a corresponding icon, which will also ensure viral dissemination of information on the social network. In order to eliminate fraud, our employees will carefully check the organizations that will install this widget for themselves.

Not only charitable organizations will be able to use the donations widget. Startups and other projects that need financial support can also install this widget by signing an agreement with VKontakte.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105176/

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