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"Skolkovo": simplified to billion rubles

Yesterday, the President of the Russian Federation exempted Skolkovo project participants from accounting, whose income does not exceed 1 billion rubles. In total, it took 4 months to create and 10 minutes to adopt a law on the “offshore zone” in close proximity to the capital of Russia. At present, there is no exact regulation on how to become a participant in the Skolkovo project, and there is no information on how long it takes to review applications.

The only thing that is known today is the condition that is mandatory for participation in the project. The law itself “On the Skolkovo Innovation Center” states that a person can become a participant who carries out his activities in accordance with the rules of the project. In other words, if the organization’s activities are aimed at achieving socially beneficial results in the field of innovation development, welcome to the tax haven. Obviously, this opportunity looks very attractive and requires a body that will select the most innovative and socially useful from a huge number of startups.

Such an organization was the Development Fund for the Center for the Development and Commercialization of New Technologies . The Foundation accepts applications wishing to work in Innovograd in the form of an Information Memorandum . You can fill out this form and try to get into Skolkovo at any stage of business development: from the idea that was just born to the organization working in all pairs. To evaluate ideas, the Foundation attracts experts in various fields, who analyze Information Memorandums and express their opinion on whether the project is worthy of implementation within the framework of Innograd.
With a favorable set of circumstances and a positive decision of the Foundation, the organization for 10 years receives the status of a project participant and falls under the control of the management company, which maintains a register of participants, manages land, buildings and all the benefits of Skolkovo Innovograd. According to the obligations of the management company to ensure the functioning of the infrastructure of the Center, the workers for the benefit of development in the field of innovation get into a comfortable wonder-city, in which medical and educational support, electricity, heat, gas and water supply, as well as ever-green the territory of the Center.

In the event that a project participant still lacks something for research activities on the territory of the Center and it is necessary to introduce any product for its further use in construction, equipment and technical equipment of real estate, the management company pays customs duties, tax value added and reimbursement of customs duties. It seems that Skolkovo is the name of the duty-free duty free zone at some new international airport.

The most important and pleasant bonus for the project participants will be the exemption from accounting records in the event that the annual volume of their revenue from the sale of goods (work, services) in the amount of one billion rubles is not exceeded. Such organizations keep records of income and expenses under the simplified taxation system . However, if the Center notices that the income of the organization has exceeded the permitted limit and exceeded one billion rubles, the simplified benefits are canceled and from next year the organization is obliged to keep full accounting in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

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