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Innovation convention in St. Petersburg on October 1st. Free visit for habrovchan

Why go to the convention:
- see the exhibition of high-tech inventions;
- listen to reports and lectures from industry experts - world-class businessmen and large venture capital investors;
- join the team of an interesting startup or find an investor;
- Meet with young Russian inventors, entrepreneurs, scientists, investors, representatives of Russian and foreign companies and organizations and authorities that promote the development of innovative projects.

The beginning of the convention is on October 1st at 10:30, the venue is the 7th Lenexpo Pavilion. To get to the convention for free, you need to specify “Habrahabr” when registering in the “from” field.

The convention was conceived as a place that would help bring people together with money, power and connections with those who often have only an idea of ​​how to make life better. Add to this a lecture program with the participation of foreign lecturers, an exhibition, and we get a convention. Its task is to provide its participants with the tools for the implementation of innovative projects.
In the program: 10:30 - Presentation of projects to investors
Igor Kaloshin (Director of Software and Services Group for Operational Management of Intel in Russia) will talk about Intel's new initiative to encourage the creation of applications for a wide range of devices, such as netbooks, smartphones, information and entertainment systems in cars, media systems, etc. .
Alexander Egorov (CEO of Reksoft) will give a few examples of how in his practice the guys became millionaires: first they started as employees, started a startup inside the company, and eventually separated into a separate project.
Dolgopolov Maxim (chairman of the board of directors of ZEFS holding), in a speech entitled “How a business can motivate innovators,” announces an innovation competition with the main prize of 1 million rubles (and why everyone likes this figure so much).
Bob Dorf (Bob Dorf) , one of the authors of the world bestseller "Four steps of insight", will give a lecture via the Internet from the conference hall of Stanford University.
All other speakers, and these are: Vasily Yakemenko (head of FADM), Igor Agamirzyan (director of RVC), Vladimir Vasilyev (rector of ITMO), Sergey Gribov (director of Minerva Capital Partners), Puntykov Nikolay (chairman of RUSSOFT), confirmed their participation.
Event website and registration . Do not forget to specify “Habrahabr” in the “From” field when registering.

PS At the exhibition, which will be held as part of the convention, an innovative project will be presented, on the stand of which there will be a golden toilet as an exhibit. What innovations are incomprehensible, but, they say, it will be possible to sit.

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