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Leader Free-Lance.ru. No one argues

The Flance.ru project has compiled a rating of remote work exchanges by the number of projects opened during the month. However, besides the exchanges, communities got into the rating in LiveJournal and popular forums, where vacancies are also published. As of June 9, 2007, the rating was as follows:

Place ranking / Exchange / Number of projects per month:

1. Weblancer.net - 1172
2. Free-lance.ru - 854
3. Freelance.ru (forum) - 299
4. Free-lancers.net - 115
5. ru_freelance (LJ community) - 105
6. Freelancejob.ru - 80
7. Dalance.ru - 40
8. podrabotka (LJ community) - 38
9. Web-lancer.com - 32
10. Free-lancer.ru - 29
11. ydalen_ru (LJ community) - 22
12. Flance.ru - 20
13. Parttimer.ru - 9
14. flance_ru (LJ community) - 5
Pavel Kanakhistov from the Flance.ru project gave comments on the rating of remote work exchanges. Text below:

Rating is considered in real time, the numbers opposite the sites - the number of projects created on the site for the last 30 days. True, now projects with Free-lance.ru are temporarily not taken, so their rating has become low. In Free-lance.ru, the rating can be considered approximately as the rating of Weblancer.net, multiplied by two.

Literally on the next day after the publication of the news on the Kadrof.ru rating, the rating participants themselves gave their comments. The texts below.

Weblancer.net support service comment received during personal communication:

Differences in services affecting statistics:

1. In the service Free-lance.ru there is no division into projects and vacancies. Announcements are published in the “Projects” section and are taken into account by the Flance service. At the same time, Flance does not take into account remote job vacancies published in the service Weblancer.net.

2. The service Free-lance.ru allowed the publication of repeat projects every day. Sometimes the same project is published several times a day. In the Weblancer.net service, re-publication of the project is allowed no more than once every 5 days.

No claim to leadership, with respect to all participants in the rating, in particular, the service Free-lance.ru.

The founder of the FreelanceJob exchange, Albert Khairullin, said that their exchange should not be considered in this rating (meaning the rating compiled by Flance.ru - Sersh note), as one of the candidates for the leading:

We do not play such ratings. There are 2 exchange leaders who give jobs to both beginners and professionals, they will always be in the top. Personally, we believe that Free-lance was and will be the most popular resource.

But personally, we are the only stock exchange for professionals, and we ask you not to put them on the same level as Free-lance clones, which are doomed to always be secondary exchanges. We are the only exchange where there are no offers with a budget of less than 100 cu From there, there is a small number of new projects. Our motto is “Striving for quality, not quantity!” In this we have no equal.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/10516/

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