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How to help solve the problem of introducing domestic innovations?


Good afternoon, dear Habrasoobschestvo. In this post, we would like to discuss with you what problems stand in the way of practical implementation of innovative developments of Ukrainian and Russian scientists, as well as to offer our option of a partial answer to this question - the project “First Ukrainian Innovation Exchange InnoHunters”.

I just want to note that we are very interested in the habrovcan’s ideas on the topic, so we will be grateful for the opinions and suggestions expressed. I am the leader of the team working on the project, as well as a member of one of the Ukrainian scientific groups working in the field of solid state physics.

The essence of the problem

The scientific schools of the post-Soviet space have earned great prestige throughout the world. Our scientists create innovative developments, often superior to their Western counterparts, both in quality and low cost. However, the process of practical implementation of such innovations in production is extremely slow, and it is difficult for scientists to find funding to continue their work.

Effective implementation of domestic innovations is hampered already at the search stage, when companies-investors have to spend a lot of time and effort to find high-quality and promising developments. At this stage, the following problems exist:
  1. Information about domestic innovation is extremely fragmented. Her search through search engines is very difficult.
  2. Thematic exhibitions are a good option for finding innovations; however, traveling to exhibitions takes a lot of money and time.
  3. The search for innovations based on patents is inconvenient, since it is often not clear from the patent what stage of readiness this or that development is in.
  4. And besides all of the above, innovative developments are often described by highly specialized terminology, for which it is difficult to discern the advantages of this development.

If we add to this that investors, as a rule, people are busy, then it turns out that a good and meaningful innovation (even when it is found) can be missed. Just because it is necessary to spend a considerable amount of time to grasp the advantages of this innovation.

Thus, it is extremely difficult to organize effective cooperation in the area of ​​science-business without solving the problem of logistics in science .


We decided to create a startup that will help research and production companies and investors to find effective Ukrainian innovative developments, spending a minimum of time for this. Our startup is called “The First Ukrainian Innovation Exchange InnoHunters” and lives at www.InnoHunters.com.ua .

The project combines several solutions that, in our opinion, can significantly save time when searching for promising new products or monitoring the market for scientific research. Consider these solutions in more detail.

Custom innovation search system

The most important innovation that distinguishes the InnoHunters Stock Exchange from close projects in RuNet and Uaneta is a non-standard innovation search system.

In such a system, all innovations are classified according to technological structures (“Nano- and bio-”, “Micro- and eco-”, “Chemistry and oil”), or rather, according to the technologies belonging to these structures, and each innovation multiple technologies at the same time. Thus, innovations for the purification of oil pollution, at the same time relate to the “Ecology”, and to the “Oil and oil products”.

The novelty of the system lies in the possibility of finding innovations at the intersection of several technologies . This approach allows you to make finding innovations on highly specialized topics - simple and intuitive. In the example above, in order to find the required innovations, three clicks of the mouse are enough - go to the Catalog, and double-click on the names of the technologies.

In addition, the use of the “crossing” search allows reducing the number of technologies in the catalog to a minimum, and thus simplifying navigation. The screenshot below shows how our innovation search system looks like:


Known stage of readiness

Only those innovations are accepted on the Stock Exchange, from the description of which their readiness stage is clear. In our opinion, such an approach allows investors and research and production companies not to waste time on beautifully written dummy patents that are not backed up by any real-world developments.

Marketing processing innovation

This is perhaps the most time-consuming innovation. For each innovation introduced to the Exchange, we make a brief summary, which in 30 seconds can get an idea about its purpose, about some important features, and about the advantages of this innovation over its peers.

This approach allows the investor to quickly understand whether this or that development is relevant, and whether it is worthwhile to understand further. There is a direct benefit to the development scientist (his innovation will not be overlooked), and the investor - saving time compared to the case when you need to read a full technical description of each innovation is very, very significant.


Today, we have about 200 Ukrainian innovative developments laid out on the Exchange website using this scheme, and we also have an additional database of more than two thousand Ukrainian innovations. Exchange InnoHunters plans to provide paid access to advanced information about the innovations presented on it. And also offers services for the selection of innovations to order, using the base we have collected. At the moment, the project is at the stage of open beta testing.

Dear Habrovchane, we ask you to express your views on the project www.InnoHunters.com.ua , as well as on the above approach to solving the problem of logistics in science.

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