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The market for Pad-tablets formed - who will win it in 2010?

The day before the announcement of the Pad-tablets RIM BlackBerry PlayBook another line of notebook tablets was announced - Sharp Galapagos .

The Gizmodo edition immediately made a comparative table of the characteristics of the four main tablet PCs , which (in their opinion) will play this year of sales: Apple iPad , BlackBerry PlayBook , Samsung Galaxy Tab and HP Slate .

That's just not clear for what reasons HP Slate got here, since HP even showed it in January 2010, but the sale of the product has not yet been announced and it seems that HP cannot decide whether they will bring this product to market or not. And even the HP Slate promo page on the official site has already been almost completely removed - see: HP Slate Promo .
But at the same time, for some reason, the Gizmodo edition forgot to mention three Android tablets in its comparison:
* Dell Streak , which have already begun to sell and gain their fans in the United States.
* ViewSonic ViewPad , with which ViewSonic promises to fill up all of Europe soon.
* and the new Sharp Galapagos line.

The future strong competitor in this market, the HP PalmPad based on the Palm webOS , has probably been forgotten. The announcement took place just a few hours ago (see: “HP announced the PalmPad device” ), although its characteristics can only be judged by rumors. But the Palm webOS platform itself is promising and more suitable for competitors on the Apple iOS platform than the desktop OS Microsoft Windows 7 chosen for HP Slate, the interface of which, according to many experts, is not suitable for a small screen with touch control.

The fact is obvious that in the last quarter of 2010 various pad Pad-tablets will be on sale, from the largest world manufacturers, on four main mobile platforms: Apple iOS , Google Android , BlackBerry Tablet OS , Palm webOS - and this means that the market Pad-plates formed and it starts a serious competition :)

True, while competitors were only preparing for massive sales, the Apple iPad has already been sold for more than six months and during this time it has taken a decent share of the Pad Tablet market, and has assembled a fairly serious set of native applications.
So, apparently, the company Apple with its iPad, which actually began to shape this market, will be the winner in 2010 on the market of notepad tablets.
But already in 2011, real battles will be launched on the pad pad notebooks market (unless something out of the ordinary happens - like World War III), the winner of which is no longer so obvious.
But at the same time, it is most likely possible to predict that manufacturers of Pad-tablets in battles between themselves will still eat away some of the market share from NetBooks, which in turn will continue to actively eat off market share from full-fledged Notebooks.
Well, the final winners in this struggle will of course be consumers - by getting cheaper and more convenient mobile computers (if only in pursuit of lowering the cost price of mobile products, manufacturers would not drop the quality of the computers produced) :)

PS: What do you think about this?

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