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Google fonts, Artem Libidov and all that jazz

First, a couple of quotes :
0. The Google I / O Developer Conference, held May 19 and 20 in San Francisco, announced the availability of high-quality open source fonts for use on the Internet ... The code allows you to use fonts in all browsers. CSS3 and HTML5 styles are supported ...
1. ... this is student amateur shit ...
I would have said nothing, but I remembered the story I read about a designer who left Google of his own accord, explaining his departure by a lack of creative freedom. Then he gave this example: he suggested a certain color solution for an element, and they looked at him uncomprehendingly and said that his tastes are light and color, as well as other design decisions are made exclusively in a machine, statically manner: they feed different test testers several types of design decisions and make decisions based on maximum conversion.
In addition to this story, there is a story about the non-convertible color of the link, on the statistical search of which Microsoft spent a lot of time / bablos (here the story slipped).
- Question to the guglotrudyaschimi: describe the scheme of making design decisions in the company.
- A question for everyone: do you think that a design based on the best conversion statistics will let the world (not all) designers sell Ponts?


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