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Galaxy Tab Presentation

Today was a very important event for us - the presentation of our first tablet computer Samsung Galaxy Tab . We have already talked about it several times (and even showed a 10-minute video of “live” use ) and, perhaps, we will not bore another time with the enumeration of technical characteristics. Instead, we prepared for you a small photo report from the presentation, during which our specialists spoke about the key features of the Galaxy Tab, and Anatoly Wasserman personally tested it - including strength.

Ilya Fedotov, marketing manager of the communications equipment department, told about the place of the tablet computer in the family of mobile devices. We see it as a middle link between such compact devices as communicators and e-books, and less portable, but with much greater capabilities not and laptops.

Other important points from his speech:
- Galaxy Tab will come with Android OS 2.2 Froyo
- supports FullHD video
- there will be two models on sale - 16 and 32 GB, but the memory can be expanded with SD cards with a maximum capacity of up to 32 GB
- The device will be pre-installed the Bookstore app familiar to Galaxy S owners with thousands of books in Russian. In general, we are very serious about the Russian-language content, about this - just below.
- Layar augmented reality browser with specially prepared layers for Russia, developed by Tele Atlas (one of the world's largest providers of navigation information and maps)
- release date in Russia - October
- cost - around 40,000 rubles


“We did not have time to agree with Samsung to make a yellow frame,” jokes Alexander Grek, chief editor of the Russian version of National Geographic. During the presentation, he talked about the Nat Geo electronic version optimized for the Galaxy Tab. Video, interactive articles, even 3D (although you can not do without the ubiquitous glasses) - in general, everything, as we were promised fiction, 15-20 years ago. By the way, we are negotiating with a number of publications about the release of their electronic versions for the Galaxy Tab, but, for obvious reasons, we cannot give specific names now.


The guest, whom we waited for a very long time, but didn’t dock with the schedules at all - Anatoly Alexandrovich Wasserman. “It'll fit in your pocket,” he joked.


“Perhaps the first device with such a serious functional content that I can basically carry with me,” was the Wasserman verdict.

And finally, an excerpt from an interview with Anatoly Alexandrovich, filmed by colleagues from the Hi-Tech@Mail.ru (very small, I hope that they will publish the full version - I, frankly, am ready to listen to it forever).

All photos from the event | Galaxy Tab Pictures

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