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Mozilla will not create a browser for the iPhone

Regardless of what you heard about Mozilla’s intentions about the release of Firefox for iPhone, and how much you want to get this browser for your iPhone - forget it. Today Mozilla officially announced that there will be no Firefox for iPhone. Instead, the community will continue to work on a kind of Firefox Home application, which is not a browser.

There are several reasons for this situation, as reported in the news published on the company's official blog: “People ask whether browser-like features will be added to Firefox Home, but there are several technical and logistical problems that make it very difficult if they don’t make the creation of a browser impossible.” Firefox for iPhone. We focus on developing Firefox Home as a functional, cloud-based application that will be used by people and that will appeal to people. ”
Among other things, Mozilla has announced that Firefox Home will be ported for BlackBerry and Symbian. What can this mean? Only one thing - the community has completely abandoned the idea of ​​creating a mobile browser. Firefox Home is an application that allows you to save information about visited pages, open tabs in the browser and transfer such information to a mobile phone.

In addition, Mozilla is going to port Firefox Home for the iPad - according to the developers, so many users ask for it.

By the way, despite the fact that the alpha version of the Fennec browser came out quite a long time, it has not yet been brought to its attention. Among other things, the community abandoned the idea of ​​modifying this browser for Windows Mobile OS (to be honest, I was very much looking forward to the appearance of this browser for this OS, sorry). Now only users of the Android OS can enjoy Fennec browser, its early version.

Well, it is worth noting that this is not the most pleasant news from Mozilla lately, agree.


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