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The founders of The Pirate Bay again summoned to court

I remember that The Pirate Bay torrent tracker is probably the largest such resource in the world even now, all the time was on the front pages of any publications related to IT in one way or another. In fact, never before have resources like The Pirate Bay ever been subjected to such harassment. A year ago, the founders of the resource, Fredrik Neuj, Gottfried Swartholm, Peter Sunde and Karl Lundstrem, were sentenced to one year in prison and to millions of fines.

All this is the result of consideration of the claim filed by the right holders, who, as was seen during the trial, do not understand the principle of the torrent tracker at all. Anyway, this ignorance didn’t help The Pirate Bay team - they were condemned. So far they have not been behind bars, but all this is still ahead.

It is clear that the team of The Pirate Bay filed an appeal, and now they all went to court again, to consider their own appeal. The plaintiffs in this lawsuit are several rights holders, including Warner Bros, Sony Music, EMI and the film company Columbia Pictures.
The court considers the first appeal filed by The Pirate Bay lawyers, and lawyers argue that with any court decision that does not suit The Pirate Bay team, appeals will be filed again.

It is clear that the founders of the resource are accused of copyright infringement for a long, very long time. Do not forget that the resource has as many as 23 million users. In the first lawsuit, lawyers tried to build protection on the simple basis that The Pirate Bay does not place the actual files, but only shows links to the files that are placed on the computers of various users.

A year ago, the torrent tracker team introduced a new technology, Magnet Links, which is completely impenetrable for copyright holders. In general, protection now stands its ground again - no illegal programs, movies, games and other files are placed on The Pirate Bay servers, all this is stored on third-party PCs of users of the resource.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105145/

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