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Michael Bolton is back in Russia with Rapid Software Testing training, November 17-18

On November 17-18, Michael Bolton will hold in St. Petersburg a two-day training "Rapid Software Testing" , developed by him in collaboration with James Bach.

Michael Bolton is one of the most active evangelists of the context-oriented testing school. He has over 20 years experience in testing. Michael regularly speaks at conferences, conducts trainings and seminars, has been a regular columnist for one of the most popular testing magazines in the field of testing Better Software since 2005 and has a wonderful testing blog http://www.developsense.com/blog.shtml .

In 2003-2005, together with James Bach, he developed the Rapid Software Testing training, which was based on the basic concepts of the school of context-oriented testing. Since then, Michael Bolton has traveled all over the world with this training - Canada, USA, Brazil, France, Germany, India, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Turkey. For the first time in Russia, this training, Michael Bolton, read in spring of this year in Moscow ( debrief ). Due to numerous requests, Michael decided to hold another training in St. Petersburg.
Rapid Software Testing
Excellent testing can be tricky. You may be confused or confused by the huge variety of approaches to planning testing, designing and executing tests. Perhaps you work in an environment where not everyone “plays by the rules” or where testing is constantly under the pressure of time and resource constraints. Perhaps you are experiencing difficulties because you do not know how to answer questions like “how much time do you need for testing?” Or “why did you miss this defect?” Perhaps you have found that “best industry practices” are not applicable or poorly suited to your organization, and books, courses, and certifications in the field of testing are focused on the study of terminology and do not contain exercises, experiments, and thinking techniques that help you learn to test .

Want to learn how to effectively perform testing in an environment where you are faced with a lack of information and a lack of time? Want to become a real ace in testing? In this case, Rapid Software Testing — the methodology and training course developed by James Bach and Michael Bolton — is for you.

About the course
Rapid testing is a methodology that considers testing as a complex mental activity. It is designed for use in modern testing, when we are dealing with complex products, constant changes and the rapid development of projects. This training course outlines the testing approach, starting with the development of personal skills and continuing awareness of the global role of testing: highlighting the path a project takes, through product evaluation. This approach follows many of the concepts and principles described in the book Lessons Learned in Software Testing: a Context-Driven Approach (Kaner, Bach, Petticord).

The philosophy pursued by this course is not similar to traditional approaches to testing, ignoring the part of our work related to thinking, and offering instead an endless stream of paperwork. Products become too complex to follow traditional approaches, time is too short, and testers are too expensive. Rapid testing uses a cyclical approach and heuristic techniques to constantly optimize testing in an effort to achieve full compliance with the needs of your customers. Rapid testing is not just testing with great speed or urgency, it is testing focused on goals, eliminating unnecessary work, ensuring that everything really needed is done, and constantly wondering what testing can do to speed up a project as a whole.

You will learn…
If you work in a company with stringent process requirements ...

We conducted this training course in organizations that follow the CMMI model, in organizations that must comply with the requirements of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and other regulators. Rapid testing is a technique of thinking, so they are quite compatible with formalized processes. If the project manager expects from you that you will think well and quickly identify important problems, our training course and our methodology will be great for you. Yes, we are promoting the reduction of test documentation to the minimum possible level, but only to the extent that you can fully meet the requirements of the customer and fulfill your mission. We also teach the session-oriented test management style, which allows us to measure and document testing using the free search method and create reports on the work done in an understandable and easily identifiable form.

The official announcement of the training and the detailed program in English

The terms of participation
Venue: St. Petersburg
Date: November 17-18
Time: 10:00 - 18:00
Training will be held in English

The cost of participation in a two-day training:
18 000 rubles for registration and payment before October 1,
20 000 rubles for registration and payment until October 25,
22 000 rubles for registration and payment until November 16.

The cost of training includes meals, coffee breaks, as well as a buffet table after the second day of training.

Bonuses !!!

With simultaneous registration and payment of two participants 10% discount, three 15%.

Official announcement and registration: software-testing.ru/events/1094-rapid-software-testing

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