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Ukrainian equivalent of iPad

We all have become accustomed to the fact that as soon as Apple releases any interesting device, manufacturers immediately begin to develop similar products. And it’s okay if these are global brands - HP, Dell, HTC, RIM, etc. But today we were surprised by representatives of the Ukrainian company Navigator, who announced the release of their own tablet computer.

The model was called ImPad, which should be consonant with the main competitor. But is this tablet so good? Compare it with the iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Archos 101.

CharacteristiciPadGalaxy TabArchos 101Impad
Screen9.7 '7 '10.1 '11.6 '
CPUApple A4, 1 GHzCortex A8, 1 GHzARM Cortex A8, 1 GHzIntel Atom 550, 1.5 GHz
Available memory13, 32, 64 GB16, 32 GB8, 16 GB32, 64 GB
HDMI / miniHDMI--++
OSiOSAndroid 2.2 FroyoAndroid 2.2 FroyoWindows 7 Home Premium
Thickness13.4 mm11.98 mm12 mm14 mm
Weight680-730 gr380 gr480 gr890 gr
Pricefrom $ 499 ($ ​​629 with 3G)from $ 500from $ 300from $ 550
As you can see, ImPad can “make” famous competitors, but the use of a full-fledged processor will negatively affect the battery life of one battery. In addition, using Windows 7 on such a device seems like an awkward step. It was the same Android, and the price could be reduced by a couple of dozen bucks.

The struggle for the Asian tablet is almost completely lost. Saving a few hundred dollars and getting a pretty good tablet is the choice of the majority. Moreover, the Archos has already established itself from the good side.
ImPad will be available at the end of November. At the same time, the company's sales plans are simply optimistic: “This year we expect to sell a test batch of 1-2 thousand units, and next we expect sales at the level of 20 thousand units”.

It remains hoped that consumers will be ready to taste the fruit of the domestic IT-industry.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/105112/

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