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Advertising as an art

The text I refer to in this post is called “From frogs to princesses” and is dedicated to one of the issues of current importance for the current state of art - blurring the boundaries between advertising and art (I just mentioned this briefly in a note about Luminescene a little earlier).

I quote the lead of the material and say goodbye for this: “The boundaries between the commercial as a purely commercial product and visual art itself are becoming more and more obvious. Advertising has become an art. ” The author of the article is someone Ink. Enjoy your reading!

If you do not refrain from commenting like “Well, what nonsense!” Or “I totally disagree!”, Write them better not under the original article, but in this habratopic. And in vain we will not offend the author, and we will discuss on the subject of modern art - here it is only welcome.


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