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Beta Test Activizer

Hi, Habravchane!

I want to introduce the Activizer project and ask you for help and competent advice.

My colleagues and I, being web developers in several small offices, once got tired of opening up and lingering until nightfall, programming another website on tight deadlines. It’s not a simple job (you all know what php is, yes), and we thought that if there was a universal stimulator of brain activity, we wouldn’t have to risk health, jam coffee and blunt the leprosy waiting for inspiration. Well, this is our dream. Always be vigorous, productive and hopeless :)

So came the idea of ​​the project "Activizer", because of which, at the height of the crisis, we quit, began to work on freelancing, as a result of which we had to eat, frankly, irregularly, but the time for development was freed. We almost immediately began to make friends and cooperate with the St. Petersburg Institute of Experimental Physiology named after. Mechnikov, where they shared with us knowledge, ideas, and helped with the tests and material and technical base.

Half a year was spent in consultation with the staff of scientific laboratories and the creation of a video stream adapted to the needs of geeks and creative workers. Now, the code, we made sure that the video works, we started developing the service (it will work both for us and to the west - a kind of SaaS). Now the resources are running out, and we would like to ask the participants of the habrasoobschestva about volunteer participation in the project. We need python-developers to complete the site (it will work on the werkzeug / jinja / sqlalchemy stack), we need smart guys who will write us the correct javascript. In addition, we really need open-minded beta testers who don’t immediately start thinking about the idea, but take the time and figure it out and begin to apply it in their practice.

To get funding, we decided to participate with our video project in the Web Ready contest, about which much has been said here. But we are St. Petersburg, and we risk. A little bit in spite to the rest of the participants and the organizers have made such a promo startup. So that it does not pass unnoticed, and so that the probability of receiving investments was greater:

I would like to thank the respected experts who took part in the very first tests, many of which, I know, are present here. Special thanks to Nikolay Mityushin, ABRT Fund Investment Director, Sergey Kotyrev, UMISOFT General Director and Vladislav Orsher, Global Point Creative Director for their contribution to the project. These people believed in our idea and helped us very much at an early stage.

After 2 weeks we are going to conduct an open user beta test, we will send the first invites to Habr users. Be noted in comments.

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